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The IGBT Brick Driver Flyback Driver(TM)

Michi and VCore of tell me they have had some success using my IGBT brick driver circuit as a flyback driver. A flyback driver is an inverter circuit that you use to pump large amounts of power into a "flyback transformer" taken from an old TV or monitor, causing it to give out large high-voltage arcs.

Fullbridge version by Michi (click to enlarge)

Michi sent me these arc pictures that were made using this circuit.If I have enough webspace left, I'll add the full-sized originals.

He has also been able to audio modulate it to produce a singing arc effect.

Hook-up for audio modulation

Michi's site

Derek Woodroffe has used a similar circuit, minus the TC4429 chip, to generate HV for a 3" Tesla coil. 3" isn't the secondary diameter, though, it's the height of the entire coil 8-0 See it Here

VCore has also had some success with a half-bridge version driven by the trusty 555 chip.

Half-bridge version built by VCore

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My original circuit

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