"Lighting Lamps Without Wires"

While staying in Glasgow Springs in 2003, I passed electrical current around the globe. The plasma globe, that is.

I got every noble gas-filled object I could find and stuck them around Tesla Three. That's a green plasma globe, a fluorescent tube, a cylinder-shaped plasma globe, two burnt-out lightbulbs, a neon regulator tube, and a low-energy lightbulb. I find this quite an eerie sight. All that electrical energy pulsating through the air... What's it doing to me? Well, I wish I hadn't put the controls for Tesla Three right on the coil itself. I get a spark to my finger when I go to turn it off, yow! Time to hire a lab assistant- I told you to keep the power going, Czito!

I also lit one lamp without wires from a distance of 6 inches. Well, it sort of lit.

And again from a distance of no inches.

Did I mention my "World Pointless System" that will allow synchronisation of all the plasma globes in the world? That's not all! With longitudinal terrestrial standing waves, I can zap 450 houseflies from halfway across the kitchen. More bugs, Czito!

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