Tesla Four

Currently at #4 in the Giant SSTC Charts :|
Secondary10" x 30", 1700 turns
Topload8" x 24" spun
Primary10" single turn
Capacitor15uF MMC (15x CDE 942 1uf 1000V in parallel)
Resonant frequency66 kHz
Power input 4kW max
Power supplyDC resonant charging, thyristor controlled, adjustable from 0 to 1kV
Power requirement 240V AC, 50/60Hz, single phase, 20A. (Can operate off 13A socket at reduced power)
"Spark gap"Two CM600HA-24H IGBT modules in parallel, overdriven to 2500A each
Break rateAdjustable 1 to 600bps. Plus banzai mode with 3000bps and interrupter
Spark length6 ft 1in @ 400bps, 3kW (with extra toroid and 18uF)
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