I've been fascinated by electronics and electrical machinery of all sorts ever since I was old enough to wield a screwdriver. I was the kid who took TVs apart when all the other kids were out playing football, or getting laid, or what is crudely known as "Getting a life" :P But, like Jim Williams once said, if you're a dog, you're going to sniff trees. I decided to follow electronic engineering as a career, and for the past 7 years or so, I've been making a living as a circuit designer and embedded programmer.

As regards hobby projects, I've just been through a heavy phase of Tesla coil building: I think I kind of got obsessed by the power of them :-) You can read about my experiments in the Tesla coil pages. Before that, I experimented with hi-fi and guitar amps. I hope to go back to some more audio projects, but not till I've finished that last giant Tesla coil :)

I also hold a ham radio licence and have been playing around more with RF lately.

I'm not entirely sure whether I have "got a life" yet. I only have two oscilloscopes, if that helps ;-)

If you have any questions about the circuits here, e-mail "steve at scopeboy dot com"

Audio and music projects

The 'Ice Block' power amp
The 'Toaster' 50-watt valve guitar amp
A simple speaker simulator load box for guitar amps etc

Some information articles I wrote

World Out Of Balance! Information on audio interconnects, ground loops, etc.
Messing about with single-frequency monitors
Buying your first synthesizer
Electrical safety

Computer projects

Adding midi activity lights to the Terratec EWS64XL soundboard
New! A USB Fix for the Digital Venturis FX-2/Celebris FX-2 computer

Misc projects

An 0-30V, 500mA bench power supply
The Big Ass Power Supply (design proposal)
A charge amplifier preamp for piezo pickups
How to make gyrators
Boosting a tube amp with a transistor one

My favourite electronics links

http://www.milbert.com/tstxt.htm This article explains why tube audio equipment sounds better than transistorized kit
http://www.repairfaq.org/ A huge collection of F.A.Qs on troubleshooting electronic equipment
http://www.firebottle.com/ampage/ The AMPAGE BBS is devoted to audio and music electronics, tube amplifiers, etc
http://www.dspguru.com/ A great resource for people who suddenly get a job programming DSPs even though they've never touched one in their life. Can't imagine who might be in that situation ;)
http://www.bores.com/ BORES Signal Processing have some great tutorials on DSP, see above.
http://www.ednmag.com/ Electronic Design News or something
http://www.geocities.com/tjacodesign/ Tjaco's Design Graveyard has some of the neatest circuits I've ever seen.
http://www.tonywelsh.com/ This guy sells cheap Russian components including hi-voltage capacitors and tubes.
http://www.watfordvalves.com/ The UK's one-stop valve shop ;) Also sells speakers for guitar amps.
http://www.sowter.co.uk/ Sowter Transformers for top-quality handmade power, signal, and tube output transformers.

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